Alolika Nursing Home

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Alolika Nursing Home/Best Eye Hospital In Bankura/ Best Ophthalmology Hospital In Bankura/Best Eye Care Center In Bankura/Best Eye Care Hospital In Bankura

Dr. Sayantan Ghosh

M.B.B.S, DO (RIO), M.S (RIO), DNB, FMRF Gold Medallist, Consultant Retina Surgeon

Alolika Nursing Home in Lokepur, Bankura

Nursing Homes are facilities that provide assistance to the elderly or disabled people. These are healthcare centers headed by an experienced physician or a surgeon. These facilities offer medical and personal care services to patients with the help of around-the-clock nursing staff and paramedical staff.

If you are looking for a good Eye Care nursing home, then we suggest you check out Alolika Nursing Home in Lokepur, Bankura. They provide elderly patients with the best facilities for comfortable living.

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